C-Capture Appoints Claudia Hernández and Anush Mataghchyan as Graduate Process Engineers


C-Capture Ltd, who is developing the world’s most energy efficient chemical processes for capturing carbon dioxide from industrial sources, has appointed Claudia Hernández and Anush Mataghchyan as Graduate Process Engineers.

Claudia Hernández graduated in 2020 from IQS School of Engineering in Barcelona and completed her master’s thesis in Carbon Capture at Imperial College London, where she studied the impact exerted by degraded amine systems on the process performance. In addition, she worked in Cetaqua Water Technology Centre on initiatives that guide water cycle towards a circular economy. Claudia has also volunteered with Engineers Without Borders where she worked on analysing the quality of the water of Tampico, Mexico, and assisted in the representation of future scenarios of climate change in the country.

Claudia said, “From a very early age I have been involved in programmes related to sustainable development. I have a particular passion for research in CO2 capture processes and that is why I am so excited to join such an inspiring and talented team of chemists and chemical engineers. I’m looking forward to developing as an engineer and to bringing C-Capture’s innovative technology to the world to combat climate change”.

Anush Mataghchyan holds a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Edinburgh where her research focused on Blue Hydrogen: production of Hydrogen coupled with Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS) using adsorption technology. Prior to joining C-Capture, Anush interned at multinational companies such as AkzoNobel in the Netherlands and Veolia in Armenia. She has also worked on a water defluoridation project at the University of Edinburgh, focusing on water treatment options in the region of Lake Turkana, Kenya.

Anush said, “My Master’s project on Hydrogen production with CCS, also known as Blue Hydrogen, strengthened my interest in carbon capture technologies. I learned about C-Capture while working on a research paper on this subject which happened to coincide with the company looking for a graduate engineer – I feel very lucky to be part of this highly professional and supportive team”.

Duncan Holdsworth, Engineering Manager at C-Capture, said: “I am absolutely delighted to welcome Claudia and Anush to the C-Capture engineering team. Their research and previous experience to date, along with their enthusiasm for carbon capture and a more sustainable world, make our two recent graduates excellent additions to our talented team”.

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