C-Capture at The Festival of Thrift

The Festival of Thrift has been celebrating sustainable living since 2012. This year the festival incorporated a theme on the transition to green energy, and invited C-Capture to participate to discuss the role carbon capture and storage will play. C-Capture’s business development manager Dr Helen Atkinson joined representatives from Net Zero Teesside, South Tyneside Council, Greenpeace, and the Royal Institute of British Architects on the panel discussion “Meet the Power Arrangers Turning Energy Green”.

The panel discussed how we are changing the way we produce and manage energy, the transition needed to a more sustainable system, and the role carbon capture and storage can play. The steps organisations are taking to tackle carbon emissions were discussed, including new technologies and innovations, and how as individuals and businesses we can all contribute to reach net zero targets, targets which are essential in tackling the climate emergency.  

The interactive session invited questions from the online audience, and was also streamed live on YouTube. The discussion was followed by a ‘world cafe’ with the audience moving into breakout rooms online, to engage in conversation on virtual tables in small groups to discuss action points from the talks related to how we ‘Build Back Better’ from the COVID-19 pandemic.

A recording of the panel discussion can be watched on YouTube: