C-Capture cycle team reaches Glasgow for COP26 summit


Four adventurous employees from C-Capture, the developer of innovative, next generation carbon capture technology, have arrived in Glasgow for the United Nations COP26 Climate Change Conference, having cycled 508 miles from London.

Ride the Change, organised by Do Nation, Possible and Brake the Cycle had 3 goals: to create a community of climate champions through the shared challenge of the ride, to experience the positive impact we can all have by showing leadership on climate action, and to inspire individuals to take action and to influence decision makers to be bolder in their climate commitments.

Business Development Manager Helen Atkinson, Head of Chemistry Douglas Barnes, and Process Engineers Claudia Hernandez and George Wright cycled with 170 people from across the UK and from abroad, cycling between 65 and 90 miles each day. From leaving the relative warmth of London, to increasingly wet and windy weather, climbing hills which became progressively steeper as the cycle team travelled further north towards Glasgow, spirits remained high throughout as long days of cycling were rewarded with spectacular scenery and tasty food. Friendships were formed with likeminded people, each with their own stories to tell and reasons for cycling to COP26, everyone trying to make the world a better place in their own way.

Helen Atkinson said “It has been an absolute pleasure to have cycled alongside my C-Capture colleagues to the COP26 summit. We hope our adventure has helped raise awareness around COP26 and climate change, and of traveling in a more sustainable way”.

C-Capture CEO Tom White said “The tenacity of the cycle team is reflective of the C-Capture team spirit, I’m incredibly proud of them. By making changes to the way in which we live and travel, alongside the technical solutions being developed to decarbonise industry, we can and will make the world a better place”.