C-Capture featured in Heidelberg Materials’ sustainability event

C-Capture, developers of next generation technology for carbon dioxide removal, featured in a webinar by Heidelberg Materials focusing on the challenge of decarbonising construction projects, last month.

The Heidelberg Materials’ Let’s Talk Sustainability – The Decarbonisation Challenge webinar formed part of the company’s series of free online events for the construction industry. The event showcased projects that demonstrate how the company is leading the construction materials industry in decarbonisation.

C-Capture’s XLR8 CCS project featured within the showcase as one of the projects that Heidelberg Materials are implementing to decarbonise their products. The companies are working together on an innovative carbon capture trial in the cement manufacturing sector which launched last month as part of the project.

Working with leading industry partners – and supported through funding from the Department of Energy Security and Net Zero – XLR8 CCS is demonstrating the compatibility of C-Capture’s carbon capture technology within three difficult-to-decarbonise industries. Carbon capture trials will be delivered across the energy from waste, cement and glass manufacturing industries at sites across the UK.

Tom White, CEO, C-Capture said: “We are delighted to collaborate with Heidelberg Materials on our carbon capture trial for the cement industry and to have featured in their decarbonisation webinar. This project is a critical step in the race to net zero as we work with leading industry partners to demonstrate that a low-cost carbon capture solution is a reality for difficult-to-decarbonise industries.”

Heidelberg Materials’ Let’s Talk Sustainability webinars are free to attend and suitable for people who work within the construction sector and have an interest in decarbonisation. For further details visit Heidelberg Materials’ website.

XLR8 CCS is funded with £1.7m from the Department of Energy Security and Net Zero’s £1 billion Net Zero Innovation Portfolio. The funding is part of the £20 million Carbon Capture, Usage and Storage (CCUS) Innovation 2.0 programme aimed at accelerating the deployment of next-generation CCUS technology in the UK. Additional private sector contributions support a £2.7 million total for this multi-industry project.