C-Capture Presents at National Carbon Capture Technology Forum

C-Capture science team

C-Capture, who are designing world-leading processes for carbon dioxide removal, and presenting an overview of their technology as part of a national workshop focusing on next generation carbon capture solutions.

The ‘Next Generation Capture Technologies – Application of Next Generation Technologies’ workshop, on  20 January, is held by the UK Carbon Capture and Storage Research Centre in conjunction with AECOM, the University of Sheffield and Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). The conference aims to identify the most effective ways to deploy carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) in commercial settings for the efficient reduction of CO2 emissions.

C-Capture will be presenting as part of the conference to delegates including industry bodies, potential commercial users of carbon capture technology and researchers in the field.

Phil Southerden, Chief Technology Commercialisation Officer, C-Capture, said:

‘As a world-leading developer of innovative, next generation carbon capture technology, we’re thrilled to be a part of this important workshop. We’re looking forward to outlining how our unique, cost-effective and environmentally safe carbon capture technology can help pave the way to the UK’s net zero target.’

The event is the second stakeholder workshop on this topic and aims to provide a progress update on next generation carbon capture technologies, alongside providing opportunities for industry to explore utilisation within these different sectors.

CCUS is one of the priority areas included within the Government’s ten point plan for a green industrial revolution which aims to establish a world-leading British industry in carbon capture and storage.

Phil added:

‘The robust nature of our solvent-based technology means it can be deployed in most industries requiring CO2 separation from emissions including power stations; cement plants; hydrogen production facilities; steel or glass making factories; and natural gas upgrading plants. Our technology is well suited to the large-scale capture of CO2 and we look forward to discussing the integral role C-Capture can play in creating a decarbonised world.’