C-Capture’s carbon capture tech showcased at world’s largest energy exhibition

C-Capture’s innovative, next generation carbon capture technology will be showcased at the world’s largest energy exhibition, ADIPEC 2023, Abu Dhabi, 2 to 5 October 2023.

Exhibiting as part of the international conference which aims to accelerate solutions to decarbonisation, members of the C-Capture team will highlight the pivotal role the company’s solvent-based technology can play in mitigating climate change.

C-Capture’s proprietary next generation carbon capture tech is a true innovation in the sector that is amine free and environmentally benign. Extremely robust, it is suitable for use in even difficult-to-decarbonise industries. It also uses less energy that current commercially available solutions and is lower cost.

The advantages of C-Capture’s solvent-based approach means it has the potential to break through the barriers that are currently preventing the widespread adoption of carbon capture and storage technology – and help reach net zero.

ADIPEC is an international platform that brings industries from across the globe with the aim of accelerating collective and responsible action to decarbonise and future-proof the energy ecosystem. Hosted by ADNOC, the theme for this year’s ADIPEC 2023 is ‘Decarbonising. Faster. Together.’

Tom White, CEO, C-Capture, said: “I’m delighted that C-Capture is part of this significant international event aimed at accelerating decarbonisation. The deployment of carbon capture technology is essential – and urgent – to achieve net zero by 2050. Our solution is a game changer for industries looking to decarbonise their processes.

“This is decisive decade for decarbonisation. And C-Capture can make a globally significant contribution to mitigating the impacts of climate change.” To discuss how C-Capture’s innovative solution can decarbonise your business, please contact our Commercial Manager, Greg Searle at