C-Capture’s CEO highlights the role of technology in decarbonisation at global event

C-Capture’s CEO, Tom White, highlighted the integral role that carbon capture technology can – and needs – to play in creating a decarbonised world as part of an expert panel debate this month.

Hosted by Wood – one of the world’s leading engineering and consultancy companies in the energy and built environment sector – the debate was held as part of a series of virtual events timed to coincide with the World Economic Forum’s online Davos Agenda. The Wood@Davos conference was held as part of the engineering firm’s ‘Wood House’ events which focus on global, critical and collective challenges such as climate, nature, risk and resilience.

As CEO of C-Capture – who design world-leading next-generation carbon capture technology – Tom was invited to debate ‘The role of technology in the decarbonisation of industry’, discussing the developments required to achieve net zero.

Tom White, CEO, C-Capture, said:

“The amount of CO2 being generated and released into the atmosphere is currently at an inhuman, unimaginable scale. The industrial sector must be decarbonised if we are to achieve net zero. But there are certain, essential, products that cannot be made without generating carbon dioxide – such as glass, cement and steel. The flue gases generated by these industries are also particularly difficult to decarbonise.

Our unique, innovative technology is not only environmentally benign – meaning it is suitable for deployment in built up areas where these industries are typically located – it is also robust enough to withstand the high levels of contaminants and aggressive flue gases that are produced by these sectors. In addition, our solution uses 40% less energy than currently available technologies – and so has the potential to significantly reduce the cost of carbon capture to a tipping point that makes if affordable globally. We believe our technology is a game-changer for the future of carbon capture.”