Growing the next generation of carbon capture chemists

C-Capture, developers of innovative carbon capture technology, is inspiring the next generation of climate change scientists, encouraging students to explore career options within the sector.

Rose McCarthy, a Senior Chemist at C-Capture, returned to her former school, Wakefield Girls’ High School, to deliver a talk on chemistry and the different career options within the field. Several pupils were inspired to explore a career as a chemist working to tackle climate change as a result, and applied for work experience placement at the Leeds-based company.

As a Carbon Capture Chemist, Rose coordinates the research and development programme for C-Capture, devising and implementing experiments to enhance the company’s solvent development, analysis and characterisation. With several years’ experience in the field, Rose was recently promoted within the company to Senior Chemist. She approached her former school to deliver a talk to help highlight chemistry as a career to current students, sharing her scientific knowledge as part of her continuous professional development in becoming a Chartered Chemist.

Rose said:

I wanted to help students be aware of the options available to them for careers in chemistry – and how they can choose to utilise their skills to make an important difference in building a better world. I’d always been really good at science at school, but it was difficult to know and understand how I could pursue science as a career or the different fields I could go into. It’s so important that the younger generation are given the opportunity to make an informed choice.

Mathusa Logeswaran was one of the students from Wakefield Girls’ High School who completed a work experience placement at C-Capture following Rose’s presentation. The placement gave her the chance to work on-site in the company’s laboratory alongside Rose and colleagues including Chemist, Lucy Bedborough and Senior Chemist, James Wheatley.

Mathusa said: “This work experience has provided valuable insight into how the theory of chemistry has been applied to real-life situations. With the climate crisis becoming an important issue that future generations will have to face, this opportunity has given me a glimpse into the working life of a carbon capture chemist. I’ve experienced the carbon capture mechanisms firsthand and had the chance to run different equipment in the lab.”

Betty Chamberlain, one of the pupils who attended Rose’s talk said:
“I found her talk inspiring as she made her career choices based on how best she could benefit the planet. Carbon capture is highly relevant in the news and therefore being able to learn more was very insightful.”

Dr Sarah Duerden-Brown Head of Chemistry, at Wakefield Girls’ High School – and Rose’s former teacher – said: “After an inspiring talk from Rose McCarthy about carbon capture, it was great that C-Capture provided work experience to some of our Year 12 students. They have come back into school enthusing about their placement and found the experience beneficial.”

Ms Heidi J Boyes, Headteacher, Wakefield Girls’ High School, added: “It is always fantastic to watch students be inspired and excited. For them to have the opportunity of work experience as a result of the presentation has been incredible, and it has provided a genuine insight for them into the world of work in this evolving field.”

C-Capture have also provided work experience opportunities for a number of students from other schools over recent months too.

Timothy Rhodes, a Queen Elizabeth Grammar School student who also completed a placement with C-Capture, said:
“What I particularly enjoyed was carrying out meaningful chemistry, with the support of knowledgeable and enthusiastic colleagues, confirming my ambition to study chemistry in the future.”

Jannice Dye, HR Manager at C-Capture, said
“We champion differing approaches and points of view. It fuels our innovation as developers of next generation carbon capture technology to help solve the most challenging, complex and urgent problem facing us all today – the climate crisis. Our mission is to produce a world-leading technology, to help solve one of the biggest problems of the 21st century. We’re interested in hearing from people who are interested in joining us on that mission and are proud to support the younger generation in exploring careers in the carbon capture sector.”

C-Capture’s innovative carbon capture technology has the potential to help mitigate the impacts of climate change by preventing CO2 emissions from entering the atmosphere. The company’s next generation technology is environmentally benign, uses less energy than currently available approaches and is lower cost. It is also extremely robust and suitable for use even within difficult-to-decarbonise industries.

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