Professor Rayner live on Cimpatico TV’s Climate Change Station

Portrait of Chris Rayner

C-Capture Founder and Director, and Professor of Organic Chemistry at the University of Leeds, appeared live on Cimpatico TV’s Climate Change Station. The station broadcasts global efforts of academics, scientists, program leaders, entrepreneurs, journalists, activists, financiers, and policy makers. 

Professor Rayner gave an introduction to carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS), and spoke about how C-Capture’s technology can be used to capture carbon dioxide from energy generation and industrial processes. Professor Rayner highlighted the benefits C-Capture’s technology offers, and the potential it has to deliver negative emissions via bioenergy with carbon capture and storage.

Professor Rayner was delighted to connect with Cimpatico TV’s audience to discuss some of the challenges associated with large scale deployment of CCUS across industry, and to discuss the importance of CCUS in the fight against climate change. 

A recording of the interview can be found on Cimpatico TV’s website