‘Transformational’: Business Green take a tour round C-Capture’s innovative CO2 capture pilot plant at Drax in North Yorkshire

For the past two years, energy firm Drax has been piloting ground-breaking carbon capture technology at its biomass power plant in North Yorkshire, in a bid to deliver negative emissions – which means removing more CO2 from the atmosphere than it produces.

During their lifetime, biomass feedstock from sustainable forests naturally sequester CO2 from the atmosphere. So, by using those crops to create energy and capturing and storing the CO2 emitted in the process, bioenergy carbon capture and storage (BECCS) technologies can deliver negative emissions.

Working with C-Capture and other innovative CCS developers, Drax has been successfully capturing CO2 from the North Yorkshire plant for over a year, and hopes to scale up these efforts in the coming years in pursuit of becoming a carbon negative company by 2030.

Here, chief innovation officer at Drax, Jason Shipstone, leads a tour of the technology at the North Yorkshire power station to explain how the technology works, and its potential to be a game-changer in the drive to deliver a net zero emission energy sector in the UK.

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