C-Capture’s Innovative Technology Showcased at UK’s Largest Net Zero Congress

C-Capture, developers of next generation technology for carbon dioxide removal, form part of the UK’s largest net zero congress, Innovation Zero, in London next week, 30 April to 1 May.

The company’s proprietary decarbonisation solution is one of the game-changing technologies featured in an Innovation Showcase at the national conference.

C-Capture’s CEO, Tom White, will present an overview of the company’s carbon capture technology – which is based on fundamentally different chemistry to incumbent approaches – during the conference. Amine free, C-Capture’s novel technology provides a safer and lower-cost solution to removing CO2 from industrial emissions. It is also extremely robust with a high tolerance to flue gas impurities – which provides even hard-to-abate industries with the opportunity to decarbonise their processes.

Tom White, CEO, said: “Carbon capture has an essential role to play in mitigating climate change due to its ability to significantly reduce emissions from across the economy. The barriers that are currently preventing the widespread adoption of carbon capture – such as cost and technology maturity – must be tackled urgently if we are to reach net zero by 2050.

“Innovation and collaboration are key in accelerating the transition to net zero. Lower-cost, safer and more robust than incumbent approaches, C-Capture’s next generation technology is a true innovation with the potential to make a globally significant contribution to mitigating climate change. Scaling up our technology to industrial scale is our next challenge as we aim to deploy our solution internationally and across a broad range of sectors. Partnerships, investment and collaboration across all industries is how innovation can be scaled up to then lead a low carbon transformation.

“I’m looking forward to joining Innovation Zero in shining a light on new solutions that can propel net zero forward – and forge partnerships that enable their delivery for a sustainable future.”

Tom White will present as part of the Innovation Showcase on 30 April from 12.25pm. The showcase forms part of the conference’s Industrial Forum which focuses on minimising industry’s carbon footprint by reducing emissions. C-Capture features as an example of innovation in carbon capture, utilisation, and storage (CCUS) and supply chain decarbonisation aimed at reducing carbon outputs of the industrial sector.

C-Capture is also exhibiting at stand B100 throughout the conference which aims to accelerate meaningful action towards a low carbon economy and society​.

The company’s participation in Innovation Zero builds on the C-Capture’s inclusion in the latest leading national and internal sustainability conferences such as COP28, the UK’s CCUS & Hydrogen Decarbonisation Summit, and the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi.